Thursday, February 2, 2012

Paint & Chairs

Though we are focusing very much on plan and organization of the building in studio, I have been putting a lot of thought and time into the color palette and furniture for the facility. This is always the hardest part for me so I want to give it all I've got!

I found a great color palette that relates to the one I believe fits best from the last blog. The colors are generally neutral but adding a bit of blue here and there will give excitement to the facility. All colors are from Sherwin Williams.

I found a great guest chair from First Office. It is simple and perfect for this facility. These chairs will be used in the waiting areas around the facility as well as in closed offices for any visitors. I have not chosen any fabrics for these as of yet but I will be narrowing down pretty soon and I'll keep you up to date!


First Office is also where I found great task chairs! It seems to be a wonderful source that I hadn't looked to in the past and I am very glad that I came upon it. These task chairs are slightly different but will allow for some personalization of workstations for the employees.

There is still much to do and so I will get back to it! Please leave comments and suggestions!


  1. I like your colors..especially for the facility type you have. Very Nice!!:)

  2. Great task and guest chairs. Are you going to have any end tables along with the guest chairs? The colors are very relaxing and go well together. Are those colors going on the chairs? Can't wait to see the fabrics.