Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bookshelves of Interest

While looking for inspiration for this print corps project I ran across some great images that I think you will LOVE!!

This bookshelf is such a wonderful addition to an exhibition space. It's like an archive and exhibition space all in one!! Plus it brings a great curved element in the space.

BOOK TREES!! It's like a forest of reading to get lost in! They would be wonderful in a more contemporary space.

This is another book tree that looks like it is growing on the wall. A little strange but interesting.

This made me smile. It reminded me of a mural I saw on a wall in a restaurant, not that this could be used in our space but it is interesting still!

These are adorable seating bookshelves that I found! They might work well in collaboration spaces to emphasize the fascination with books!

I had a lot of fun finding all of these images and hope you had a great time looking at them!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Working toward a Dream

As the semester continues, I have been thinking more and more about what I actually want to do after I graduate. Obviously, anyone who knows me in the slightest knows that I am completely in love with Disney World and it would literally be a dream come true for me to work for them but rumor has it, it take a lot of experience with the company to be even considered for a position of that stature. Over the years I have considered doing many other things that are not necessarily related to interiors...but now I think I have a plan.

This year Disney set sail their newest ship - the Disney Dream. 

I have always wanted to work on a cruise ship and to work on a DISNEY cruise ship...I mean come on!! This place is amazing!
Instead of Disney simply ignoring the fact that rooms along the inside of the boat do not have portholes and saying "Oh, well....too bad" Disney designers put in virtual port screens that show what is really outside and for a special surprise, every now and then Nemo and his friends will come by and say hello! On most boats, rooms along the outside sell first, but because of this wonderful feature the inside room actually were the first to go!!
While on a cruise eating seems to be the thing to do! Disney makes it all the more fun with special design features that will blow your mind!

The above image is the entrance to one of the resturants on the boat, Disney's Animator's Palate. When you arrive everything is black and white drawings, even the servers clothing. As you go through dinner, the room comes to life and is fully colored by the end of dinner, even the servers clothing!!

So, what's the plan? After graduation I will work for a firm for at least two years. I want to have enough hours to sit for the NCIDQ (licensing exam for interior designers.) After I obtain my license I want to go work for Disney in a position that will set me up to move up in the company. Obviously I will apply for design positions whenever possible but wouldn't it be great for me to get my license and then work on a cruise ship for awhile simply doing what will make me happy.

There are too many people in this world who work simply for the money. Yes, money pays the bills - I get that, but if you are doing what you love all the time, you're quality of life will be so much better and that is my true goal in the end.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

When we did the tiny house project, I thought a lot about how the house will fit in to the neighborhood and not look like a shed. This image helped me a lot through the design process. Though the home on the right is a bit larger than 200 square feet, the concept is the same. How do I make this home fit and not stick out like a sore thumb.
What I appreciate most about this design is how well you can see the thought behind everything. Light colored siding is used, not steel or any other metal. I believe this makes it appear more comfortable. Though there is a significant amount of glass per square inch on the facade, it doesn't appear to take over the exterior of the home. The roof line is similar to the neighbors in terms of pitch, but it just different enough to be unique. These small details make the home fit comfortably in the neighborhood while still allowing an inimitable presence.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


There are times when the snow is great but it has gotten to the point now that I am sick of it. ALL of my days have been combined into one. I barely know up from down. I thought Friday was Monday and woke up today thinking it was Wednesday. I have had a long week and frankly wish I could just get back in school and get everything back to normal.

I have a year and a half left of undergraduate...that's it. I seem to think about this a lot apparently. I'm not going to grad school, I see no point in it for me.

I've decided I'm going to work on a cruise line for awhile just to do something different...well that's what I think I've decided.