Friday, February 17, 2012

Arrival & Circulation

In class we have been exploring ways to enhance our spaces. I interpret that was a way to make the spaces more inviting and comfortable but also to do the job in which they are intended to do. This week we worked on Arrival and Circulation. I had a great time with both. :) Here are some furniture, fixtures, and accessories images from what I've done.

On the far left are the paint colors. All are Sherwin Williams colors. These are for the entire building. The upper two will be used most common while the lower two serve as accent colors.
The flooring is comprised of two 18x18 luxury vinyl tiles with a boarder of 5x48 commercial Laminate Plank.
The pendant will be used in the larger nook by the courtroom. The sconces directly below will be used down all corridors. I am still looking for recessed lighting to use. 
The chairs and tables at far right will be used through out the entire building but most commonly in the arrival and corridors. (Note: These are NOT the final finishes in the image)
Though I am still working on fabric selection. The fabrics at top are to be used on guest seating. The stripes will cover the front and back of the chair while the solid blue will cover the seat.
I found these lamps which look awesome and I want to find a place to incorporate them, we shall see. 
I will have preliminary images of these spaces coming soon so keep an eye out!! :)

Comments, as always, are welcomed and appreciated!!



Here is an image of the updated plan.
For reference you may look back at the previous post. Please note the arrival changes as well as circulation around the investigator offices. There are also changes down the primary corridor .


  1. good work with modern styles...a nice change to what is commonplace now

  2. As you work with your selections, keep in mind that visitors and staff will use things in ways you could never imagine -- like sitting on these tables! Make sure that you keep these things in mind. You have good consistency in style thus far. -- jw