Sunday, March 18, 2012

New and Improved - Circulation

As I stated in the previous post, these are the NEW AND IMPROVED ff&e selections.

This is the update for the Circulation space.

The left side gives a general idea of what the wall will look like, paint above the chair rail and a wall covering below.
The art pieces will be used primarily in nooks and others throughout the halls between the sconces. Not all art in shown but this gives an idea of what the art will look like.
Luxury vinyl tile is used throughout the circulation space.
The lounge furniture at right will be used in nooks throughout the circulation space to serve as a break away from the standard workstation.

Questions and Comments are always welcome.
<3 - Ariel

New and Improved - Arrival

The next few posts will be about NEW AND IMPROVED ff&e selections.

This is the ARRIVAL space.

This shows the flooring pattern for the space.
The majority of the space is 18"x18" luxery vinyl tile. (LVT1& 2)
Each sitting area is broadloom carpet (CPT1) with a 4"x48" vinyl plank (VP1)  boarder.
All selections are in the image below labeled accordingly. 
The left side of the image shows the paint selections as well as the chair rail and cove base with the selected color.
The tall wall sconce lighting will be used in the reception window.
The linear sconce lighting will be used down the main corridor of the arrival space which includes the doors to the restrooms, elevators, and stair access.
The art selections at the top are to be used on the right side of the reception window.

Questions and Comments are always welcome.
<3 - Ariel

Friday, March 16, 2012

Let's take a look ahead...

In planning for my final presentation I have begun thinking about page layouts. This isn't until April 16th but it doesn't hurt to look ahead now does it?

I am considering using 11x17 boards because they are easy to travel with but I am questioning if everything will be visually large enough on this size board.

I always try to take something from every experience I have. When I think about junior presentations the critique that stands out in my mind is that the plan was either not large enough, not at a comfortable place for viewing, or not at a "normal" scale. I want to make sure I do NOT make any of these mistakes and that is why i question the 11x17 board. I might have to design the rest of the presentation around the board on which my plan will be placed. That is not a bad plan actually.

I plan on using a tan/beige matt board for my material boards because I feel like black will be to dark and white is easy to show an "oopsie."

My material selections are expanding but there is still more to do. That will be my goal over spring break.

This is a lot of words but that is how I think things out. I don't want to show a picture yet because, who doesn't like surprises!

</3 Ariel

Sunday, March 4, 2012

So, what all do you do?

Many people wonder what an Interior Designer does. Beyond space planning which you've seen in previous post, designers do assign materials to the interior. Let's take a look at what all is included.

For this project we have to choose 10 spaces and be sure to assign everything that is needed, as far as design, for those spaces. 
This will include: 
  • flooring
  • wall base
  • paint
  • wall coving
  • chair rail (if chosen)
  • seating with fabric and finish selection
  • occasional tables with finish selections
  • work stations with fabric and finish selections
  • task chairs with fabric and finish selections
  • ceiling paint
  • ceiling enhancements with acoustical properties
  • lighting (recessed, sconces, pendants, task lighting, table lamps, etc)
  • art 
  • accessories
  • etc. 
As you can see, there is a lot that must be addressed.

Due to the amount of things I have to remember, I have begun creating a list for each space with everything that must be included in that space to help organize myself. Some of these you have seen on my furniture/accessories sheets with each space. 

There are many things that I still have to decide on and get approved by the profs. One things that I always seem to overlook is wall base. So, today I decided on two big things, wall base and chair rail profiles. I haven't chosen a color for either yet, but samples are on the way. :)

Here are the profiles for all three I have chosen.
This is the Chair Rail Profile. It is Johnsonite, Bastion, 4" Chair Rail.

This is the basic wall base profile. It is Johnsonite, standard rubber wall base. 

This is the more decorative wall base Profile. It is Johnsonite, Milwork Series, Silhouette 4" Wall Base.

As always, comments are welcomed and appreciated. :)
<3 - Ariel