Sunday, February 26, 2012


This week I took on the Courtroom because I knew it was going to be a struggle. I have changed the area a lot so here is another updated plan. (Do you see this becoming a theme? haha)

Here is a zoomed in view of the courtroom space. The space behind the the jury stand is a jury deliberation room.

Here are some of the selections I have made for this space.

From Left to Right:
The newest paint selections are on the far left.
The upper flooring pattern will be used down the center isle into the courtroom using the colors to the right
The carpet below will cover the remainder of the floor excluding the main court floor which will be plank flooring similar to the arrival and circulation (5"x48") using the top most color.
The auditorium seating will be used inside for viewing seating and the fabrics below will cover them. The stripes will be on the back and the brown will be on the seat.
Sconces at far right will be used similar to the image with auditorium seating on portions of the wall used for vertical inflection. Please note the similarity to the scones being used in the hallways.
The image directly below the sconce is the jury chair and the chair below that is used for lawyers and other representation. 

As always, comments are welcomed and appreciated! 
<3- Ariel

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  1. i love the colors you've chosen! and that tile pattern is awesome!