Thursday, March 31, 2011

Print Corps

Over the past 72 hours I have spent about 45 of them working on this project. I am very proud of it. I hope after graduation to go into commercial design and this project emphasized that so much more! I had a great time working on it. Check it out!

This is a publishing company - Print Corps who are based in Rogers, Arkansas. The company is based on a linear hierarchy system where all team members are considered equals. This idea was expanded upon in my concept, Openness and Collaboration.

Rendered Plan and Mezzanine Level

 Hi! Welcome to Print Corps! This is the reception area.

This image is looking toward the south of the building. It shows how open the floor plan is and looks into the archive space in the very back.

This image gives a closer look at the workstations and how easily employees can work together. It also shows the ramp for accessibility on the right side.

This is a great view of the collaboration areas. This is used as a place to meet with clients and other team members without disrupting those working around you.

This is one of my favorite images. It is a view on the mezzanine level of a conference area which leads into the exhibition space. It is a very large space that can be used for many different events. The display stands are on casters and can be moved whenever necessary.

Up next are rendered section views of the building.  

This looks to the north of the building through the mezzanine and the stairs.
This looks through the west of the building. It shows workstations and the stepped foundation and the stairs leading to the mezzanine.

This is an exploded view of the ramp in the previous image. It expresses more clearly the stepped foundation.

 This looks east in the building. It shows all of the natural light that is being let into the building as well as collaboration spaces and the stepped foundation.

Last but not least I created a logo for the company.

I hope you have enjoyed this mini presentation!
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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Spring is in the air!

It makes me so happy to feel the sunshine and soft breeze of the wind.
In recognition of this wonderful time of year I have found some great interiors that reflect the season!

These colors are so bright and fun! One saturated wall but the others are white which gives a clean and bright feeling to the space. The mix of patterns gives a sense of excitement to the space. Looks like a great place to relax.

 There is a lot of color in the room but how calming is that green!?! I love it. I've heard it described as the mix of red and green apples. Very springy and fun!

Pink seems to be the go to color this spring. The couch is adorable with the pink and gold accent pillows! I really love the eclectic chandelier. There is so much natural light in the space it livens the colors to a whole new level. Perfectly fit for a princess.

These last two have to be my favorite of the bunch. I love the combination of red and green, especially a limey green, a green that won't remind everyone of Christmas year round. The addition of pink and bright white definitely make the spring feeling in the room. Even with a darker wall color, adding bright accents to the room gives that wonderful feeling of spring time!

I love the colors in this image as well. The bright white wall and tan area rug make me think of being outside on the beach...which I suppose is a more summer feeling but either way we are on the right track. Using green and orange as accent colors usually are very exciting but in this case I find them quite calming.

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Monday, March 14, 2011


Today starts something fun!!
Every Monday we will have song of the week. ((Exciting, right!?!))
Let's call it "MUSIC MONDAY"
Something new and exciting, probably not streamline but you never know!

Missy Higgins
Adult Alternative
Australian Pop

Have a listen & Comment!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beauty in the Bathroom

Over the years I have found that bathroom design in the U.S. is a major money maker...or it was before the downfall. I'm sure that as the economy comes back so will people who love spectacularly designed bathrooms. I found a few that really interest me.

I will start with designs for kids.
Many children have very fun bathrooms. I wish I had something like this growing up! This one in particular is designed for twins.
Matching sink, mirrors, lighting, towel racks, etc.
The design is very simple, beige wall color with green and white accents.

Of course I have to add Disney in.
The design is very simple but lots of fun!!
The red, black, white, and yellow are simple and comforting.


This is what residential bathroom design has developed into. Extremely large bathrooms beautifully design. They are great but some would say a waste of space.

 The first image is very simple. Tan and white with a touch of nature. There is plenty of light in the space and a sense of division.

The second is simply gorgeous. There is a great view, lots of natural light, division of sinks for couples, and great lighting around the mirrors and over the tub.
This bathroom actually won third place in the NKBA 2008 design competition.
You can see other large bathroom winners here.

Here are a few more great bathrooms that caught my eye. 

Yes, that is a tub shaped like a shoe. Talk about a girlie girls dream and doesn't it looks comfy. You can find more information on it here.  

 Signage is a major topic in one of my classes right now and as I was looking for images, I found some signage as well, enjoy!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Love Design - LOVE Music

Although I love design, I am also a huge music lover - music may actually hold more of my heart. ((shhhhh!!))
Recently I found some of the most amazing voices I have ever heard.
Neither of them are streamline yet but they should be.
Music like this should be appreciated to the fullest.

Take a second and listen to these two people:

 Mozella ((Neo-Soul))
Mozella - Stay

 Adele ((Blue-Eyed Soul))
Adele - Someone Like You

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy, Healthy, Stair lovin' Design

While designing a multi-story building I try very hard to keep in mind the design of the stairs.
Many times, staircases are pushed to the side and ignored but they could be a wonderfully designed element in the space.
Also, when we consider LEED credit, having a beautifully designed staircase may lead people to take the stairs more then heading straight to the elevator ---Innovation points maybe?
Here are some great stairways that inspire me.

These more contemporary stairs are visually interesting but how do you feel about actually walking up them??

 These are some of my favorite - simply beautiful. (above)

I hope these innovative stair ideas help you think outside of the box as you go about designing stairs.
Remember -
Beautiful stairs means more traffic on the stairs which in the end means happy healthy people!