Sunday, January 22, 2012

Senior Project - Lets Talk Concept

This year my project is the design of a police department and courtroom. The building is in North Little Rock, AR and because of this all design decisions are made with consideration of the location of the building.

The concept is a major piece that will focus the project throughout the entire design process.

This concept is derived from the basic principles of police work, to protect and serve. These principles can be seen in the design of the police badge through visual hierarchy, continuity, as well as the iconography of the badge itself.  The badge is representational of solidity and security of the officer as well as the police department as a whole. These aspects will influence the design by incorporating solids and non-solids through the facility to emphasize location and promote wayfinding. The badge is designed with a visual sense of hierarchy; that design will be reflected within the form of the interior of the facility. The facility will exhibit a sense of continuity, one team, but still show the hierarchy which defines the company. There is a fine line between protecting and serving in the police world. This balance will be seen though the separation of secure and non-secure areas of the facility. 

I love the idea of incorporating "police blues" into the design while also adding a POP of color!

These are some images that will guide the design of this facility. 
These are hard working people, and their hard work should
be shown and appreciated through the design of this facility.
City streets are a part of police daily work.

Reminders of why they do the job they do.
The reflection in this image in combination
with stone and blue could be a great design opportunity.

This is going to be a great project, let me know your thoughts


  1. Love the last photo. Great job Ariel.

  2. I'm liking the tin tones. The main people using this space are going to be middle aged men that could probably care less about what the space looks like as long as it's functional. You're going to need to find some chairs with "breakaway" arms so that policemen can sit comfortably with their belts on. You'll also be needing some institutional furniture for the holding and jail areas. You know, the durable stuff that can be mounted to the floor and doesn't have sharp pieces that can be broken off. Let me know if you need ideas! You're main issues are going to be functionality and space planning. I'm looking forward seeing what you come up with!

  3. Great ideas Ariel! The top two color schemes are my favorites. Function and durability are going to be important factors for a project like yours, but you'll definitely have opportunities to infuse the space with other great design ideas. I'm loving the photography, maybe that could be used as artwork or even a mural. Looking forward to seeing your progress!