Thursday, April 26, 2012

The semester is almost over but I honestly can't believe that I have two more classes and then it's done. No more studio. No more college. I'm done. Graduating. No more school...ever...kinda. I find learning fun so I'll be taking classes in Flordia. :)

Here is what I am working on my final weeks of studio!
These are a part of Construction Documents, a part we have not done before but I am loving it! There is a finishes plan and a furniture plan. They are both vital in the process of putting together a facility after all the designing is complete!

They are hard to see even at this scale, if you would like to view them larger just click on the image.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Looking back at the Fall

It's hard to believe that this is coming to an end but alas, the time has come!

Let's look back on last semester and how I got to where I am now...

Overall, I am beyond happy that I choose to design a Police Department. It sent me searching for information in places that I would never expect.

I visited the Benton County Jail, Washington County Jail, Fayetteville Police Department, and Bentonville Police Department.

One of the coolest things I found was at the Fayetteville Police Department. This is a storage unit for things as small as a toothpick to as large as an ice chest. The best part is how much space it saves by closing each shelving unit on it's self. It follows a track on the floor! They can be moved manually or electronically depending on the budget of the facility!

Another interesting excursion was to the jails. In Benton County I was actually allowed to go into a cell and take a few pictures so here are a few to ease your inquiring minds. Yes, they are as plain as you imagine.

One last thing that I did that was SO much fun was visit the Washington County Sheriff's Office. They have an on site shooting range and I had the opportunity to shoot a gun for the first time. Check out how I did!
I was scared....
...but it was just a computer program to start the training

This is how I did. Pretty good!!
Then we went outside and it was real.

That concludes the highlights looking back on last semester.
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Sunday, April 8, 2012


As this project is coming to a close I would like to share a few of my images.
Inside the break room. This image shows the main cabinets and sink area as well as a bar where officers can sit and read or eat during their break.

This is a section through the main corridor space. This shows two collaboration spaces where employees can break away from their usual work area but still be productive in a secure environment.

This is the gym space. There is also a connected area for physical training session.

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