Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy, Healthy, Stair lovin' Design

While designing a multi-story building I try very hard to keep in mind the design of the stairs.
Many times, staircases are pushed to the side and ignored but they could be a wonderfully designed element in the space.
Also, when we consider LEED credit, having a beautifully designed staircase may lead people to take the stairs more then heading straight to the elevator ---Innovation points maybe?
Here are some great stairways that inspire me.

These more contemporary stairs are visually interesting but how do you feel about actually walking up them??

 These are some of my favorite - simply beautiful. (above)

I hope these innovative stair ideas help you think outside of the box as you go about designing stairs.
Remember -
Beautiful stairs means more traffic on the stairs which in the end means happy healthy people!


  1. Nice Stairs!! I updated my last blog for you with the links, oh and check this site out. Castles for sale in i stumble across this stuff I have no idea.

  2. You should check out stairs by Carlo Scarpa. He did some really awesome stuff. Look at his stuff at Castelvecchio in Verona, Italy.