Friday, January 28, 2011


Since I am a student, much of what I think about is sparked by something that happens in class or around campus. This semester I am enrolled in an entrepreneurship class, I have no idea why I decided to take this besides that fact just seems interesting. To say that I've never considered going out on my own after graduation would be a lie, but it's not a set plan. Actually, it's more like passing thought and really that isn't considered entrepreneurship it's just small business start up. So, here I am in a class full of business majors, not exactly sure what I want out of this class but it is obvious that it's different from design. The very first thing we do is listen to a speaker. AN ARCHITECT! Well, okay, he really isn't an architect. He graduated from the architecture program here a few years ago but when thing went downhill in the economy so did his job. Now he is an entrepreneur. Great right?!?! Yea, i thought so too but it just makes me question job availability when I graduate. So, what do I do??

No one in the design industry is REALLY desperate for 
or even slightly interest in anyone 
because business is just too low.
So, what do i do?

He suggests exactly what we are doing. Blogging about what we think about, things that inspire us, motivate us, and things that we are passionate about. He met so many people that he is connected to now simply because of blogging. Let's hope we all get something positive out of this.
This is definitely how I feel sometimes, 
thinking, thinking, thinking, 
and the finally something comes 
but it is worth writing about? 
Guess you are the judge of that one huh?

 This job thing really worries me the most. When he spoke it was horrifying. He graduated then lost his job almost immediately after and so what did he do? He got a job at a liquor architecture graduate working at a liquor store because there are no jobs avaliable anywhere. So, he is poor, working in a liquor store, making next to nothing but the kicker is he has a five year degree WITH  5 YEARS OF LOANS and no way to really pay them. Now, tell me that did get to you just a little bit. What if it was you?

 This is where I am,
So, what do I do??

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