Sunday, January 23, 2011


On the first day of class, we discussed what good design is to us. Many people, including myself, thought of spaces that have been designed to fit a certain theme. One major company that always stands out to me with phenomenal themed designs is Walt Disney World. They pay great attention to detail and because of this everywhere you look is an adventure. Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge is a wonderful example of this display of detail. While designing the interior of the main lodge, they wanted the space to be as authentic as possible and so they had an authentic thatch roof put on the building.
This was also carried over into the new addition, Kidani Village.
At the Animal Kingdom Lodge there are three restaurants. The newest of which is Sanaa, a family restaurant with inspiration from traditional African culture as well as Indian influences.

One of the greatest parts of the themed designs at disney, in my opinion, is how it stays still true to the heart of Disney. In every interior (restaurant or resort), ride, walkway, and architectural detail there is a "hidden mickey" somewhere, which makes the theme so much more fun! The newest addition to the Animal Kingdom Lodge is Kidani Village. The shape of the structure was inspired by traditional African jewelry. Now, take a look at the picture below, I believe this might be the largest hidden mickey on the property!

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