Sunday, March 18, 2012

New and Improved - Arrival

The next few posts will be about NEW AND IMPROVED ff&e selections.

This is the ARRIVAL space.

This shows the flooring pattern for the space.
The majority of the space is 18"x18" luxery vinyl tile. (LVT1& 2)
Each sitting area is broadloom carpet (CPT1) with a 4"x48" vinyl plank (VP1)  boarder.
All selections are in the image below labeled accordingly. 
The left side of the image shows the paint selections as well as the chair rail and cove base with the selected color.
The tall wall sconce lighting will be used in the reception window.
The linear sconce lighting will be used down the main corridor of the arrival space which includes the doors to the restrooms, elevators, and stair access.
The art selections at the top are to be used on the right side of the reception window.

Questions and Comments are always welcome.
<3 - Ariel

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